Adjustable stimulation time. 
Adjustable energy output.
Adjustable output frequency.
Adjustable output polarity.
Plug in control board for easy maintenance.
Self Diagnostic.
Rust Proof.
Enclosure is Polyester and SABS Approved.
IP 68 Rating.

Supply Voltage 230vac  +/- 10%.
Output Voltage ( to probe ) 140vdc +/- 15%.
Output Frequency: Adjustable pulse output. Typically 5ms on and 60ms off.
Adjustable idle time. Typically 6sec on and 0,25sec off.
Output polarity  reversal: Selectable to 1/2/4 times the idle time.
Output current: Maximum 8 amps pulsed.
Time adjustable between 1 and 2 minutes or continuous.

New model added recently allows for output voltage selection between 140V and 300V.

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Last update 29 January 2014

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