Adjustable stunning time.
Selectable voltage output. 
Output short circuit protected. 
Plug in control board for easy maintenance. 
Instruments to view voltage and current. 
Lockout emergency stop.

Supply Voltage: 230vac +/- 10%. 
Output Voltage: Selectable between 110/150/180/200Vac fully isolated. 
Output current: Maximum 2.0amps continuous. 
Time adjustable between 2 and 30 seconds. 
Remote trigger ( Start ). 
Wall mounted steel enclosure IP65 SABS approved with plug connection 
to the stunning probes.

New model currently being developed replaces all the selection buttons with a LCD screen where all the selections and displays are achieved. The unit will also log the date, time of day, stun number, average voltage, average current and stun time. This data is logged to a memory card for use on a PC.

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Last update 29 January 2014

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